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The Martial Art we teach at Firenze Kenpo Karate is based upon Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate.  A primary focus of ours from the very beginning is that Advanced Kenpo Karate is for defensive purposes only. Maybe more important than self defense, we see karate as a way to teach and promote self discipline, respect, confidence, situational awareness and creativity in our students. We hope our students will never have to use the physical skills they learn in our classes to defend themselves and in fact, most never do. We expect that the mental skills they learn will be used on a daily basis in every aspect of their lives. 

Our school is a proud member of the European Kenpo Karate Association lead by Professor Eddie Downey. The mission of the Association is to promote Kenpo Karate throughout the continent of Europe. 

Karate Belt
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Todd and Erika Sankovich are 1st Degree Black Belts in the Advanced Kenpo Training system. They are members of the European Kenpo Karate Association and the American Kenpo Training System. Todd and Erika are direct students of 10th Degree Black Belt and Senior Master of the Art of American Kenpo Karate, John Sepulveda.  Mr. Sepulveda is President of the Advanced Kenpo Training System in the United States.

Erika is an experienced instructor and accomplished point sparring & kata champion from the United States. Todd is an experienced instructor and accomplished sparring & kata practitioner.

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